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Commercial, Retail & Industrial Services

If you are seeking to acquire new business premises, and are concerned about the condition of the property, Sedgwick Surveying & Safety Services can undertake full Building Surveys in order to advise you of any major defects and ongoing maintenance requirements, including budgetary advice if required. If you are leasing the premises, either as Landlord or Tenant, we can provide full detailed Schedules of Condition, which can be attached to the lease, and can protect both parties in respect of future liabilities.

Whether you are a Landlord or Tenant, Sedgwick Surveying & Safety Services can also provide Schedules of Dilapidations either at the end of a lease or during the term of the lease, and in accordance with the terms of the lease itself. We will also undertake any appropriate discussions and negotiations with the other party's surveyor if necessary in the interests of achieving a fair and amicable settlement.

Where you have concerns over potential structural movement, Sedgwick Surveying & Safety Services will conduct detailed inspections and advise accordingly including, where appropriate, monitoring any evidence of movement to determine if, and to what extent, a property is still moving.

Sedgwick Surveying & Safety Services are also able to undertake rebuilding valuations of premises for insurance purposes.

Sedgwick Surveying & Safety Services cost each job according to its value and complexity, ensuring that the price you pay is appropriate in all respects to the nature of the work undertaken, so please contact us in the first instance for a fee quotation.

View of Arnside, Cumbria

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