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Residential Services

If you own, are selling or are buying a house, flat or bungalow and have concerns about its condition, or there are specific problems which you want to find out more information about, Sedgwick Surveying & Safety Services can help, particularly as this is likely to be one of the biggest purchases you ever make, and you therefore want to protect yourself from significant expense. The services we offer include:

Full Building Surveys - If you are buying a house, a full Building Survey can be a significant factor in protecting your investment. For a fraction of the overall purchase cost, Sedgwick Surveying & Safety Services will conduct a full survey of the property and advise in detail on all relevant matters we find, and prioritise these matters in terms of those which require urgent or immediate attention (possibly prior to purchase), those which will require work within say the first 12 months after moving in, and those which will simply require routine maintenance. We can also provide advice to assist with budgeting for any such repairs and improvements.

Movement Reports - If you have had a mortgage valuation or RICS Homebuyers Report undertaken, and concerns have been raised with regard to structural movement or subsidence in the property, Sedgwick Surveying & Safety Services can undertake a specific survey to determine the likelihood of continued problems with the property in this regard. (We would recommend that you check with your mortgage provider to ensure that a report by a Building Surveyor is acceptable under their lending guidelines.)

If you have concerns over the home you currently live in, in relation to common issues such as dampness, movement, or timber defects, and would like independent professional advice on what may or may not be required, Sedgwick Surveying & Safety Services can assist.

We cost each job according to its value and complexity, ensuring that the price you pay is appropriate in all respects to the nature of the work undertaken, so please contact us in the first instance for a fee quotation.

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